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Stephan's Quintet

Many people will recognize Stephan’s Quintet as the abode of Clarence Odbody the angel in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. However the reality is a self- destructive violent collision of a galaxy cluster first described by Edourd Stephan in 1877. NGC 7320 immediately looks younger and bluer compared to the other yellow galaxies and is not part of the local cluster. NGC7320 has a recessional speed of 790km/s (39 million ly) compared to 6,600km/s (210-340 million ly) for the other galaxies. However, NGC 7320C is thought to have passed through the group in the past, making it a true quintet. NGC7318B is falling into the group with a high velocity; creating a huge shock wave. The shock wave contains 100,000 million solar masses of gases, and has been heated to millions of degrees. The Chandra X-ray satellite dramatically captures the emissions from the collision. NASA described the strong infrared signal from the shock wave as “one of the most turbulent formations of molecular hydrogen ever seen”. Ultimately these are predicted to morph to elliptical galaxies. AGOptical 17” iDK at f6.5 Starlight M25 OSC camera: 55 subrames of 600seconds Chandra: Spitzer
:: Fri 12/29/2017 @ 02:56


Within LDN 1551, a dusty region of the Taurus molecular cloud, Sh2-239 reveals the very early origins of protostars. Herbig Hero reflection nebula are the very ephemeral(a few 100,000 years) outjets that betray  early star formation. HH stars evolve to T Tauri stars, and ultimately to the main sequence. This image captures a few HH reflection nebula.
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Siamese twins galaxies

:: Fri 11/17/2017 @ 04:55

Cat's Eye nebula

narrowband with Ha and OIII

:: Fri 11/17/2017 @ 04:53


The Tulip Nebula in narrowband. The bow-shock from the micro-quasar  X1 is seen on the right of the image

:: Fri 11/17/2017 @ 04:51

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